About Us


Use us as a resource to introduce young minds to Black & Brilliant Role Models to careers and professions beyond sports and entertainment. Young minds will be able to find inspiration in people who are brilliant in different career paths. 



Celebrate your local Black and Brilliant Role Models in our annual nomination and voting process.  Our annual Role Model Classes will allow the brilliance in black communities to be shared beyond geographic borders.  

Creating a Space to Celebrate Excellence

Black & Brilliant Young Queens


We value highlighting the brilliant role models in many different professions within our community. 


We value highlighting excellence in our community. 


We value highlighting information to ensure our community is knowledgeable of our greatness. 

Why We Need Black and Brilliant


About the Founder

Black and Brilliant was founded by Tondra L. Moore, PhD, JD, MPH to create a space to celebrate excellence in the black community beyond sports and entertainment. An advocate for inclusion and representation, for over 20 years Dr. Moore wants to give brilliant black minds a place to be recognized and celebrated. 

Get Involved

Black and Brilliant, Inc. needs YOU!       There are many ways to get involved.

  • Nominate members of your community who are Black and Brilliant during the annual Black and Brilliant, Inc. Role Model call. 

  • Write an essay on a current or historical Black and Brilliant mind to contribute to our resources for students. 

  • Donate to the development of resources for educating and mentoring young Black and Brilliant minds, talent and people. 

  • Share our website and social media pages. 

Black and Brilliant, Inc. Role Models