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Learn about the Brilliant Minds, Brilliant Talent and Brilliant People in the Black community. From the earliest civilizations, many of the greatest inventions and ideas were created by people with darker hued skin. However, many of those inventions and ideas are little known facts for many in society including the members of the black community. We want to ensure we have a platform to celebrate our greatness past, present and future. 


Why It Is Needed

“In 2018, as we witness scenes that are reminiscent of the pre-Civil Rights era, we must create a positive narrative for young black minds, talent and people who need inspiration to realize their greatness. 

Today, people are still afraid to speak about race and the negative impacts “the concept of race” has had on the lives of many people. I believe that fear is deeply rooted in a lack of understanding. In my opinion, the only change things is to make a difference by actively becoming engaged in promoting change. 

I  am doing my part by creating this positive space to celebrate excellence.”Dr. Tondra L. Moore

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